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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between King Edward III and Ingrid of Anhalt

My Dearest Cousin,

I am thankful for your letters. It is always wonderful to hear from another sober mind in a time of much turmoil and uncertainty.

I have heard word from your father. He is relieved to hear of your well-being, and while he remains somewhat perplexed by your leaving so swiftly, he appears to respect that it was on my wishes. He has asked for a letter in your own hand, to reassure him that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your time spend in my employ. I would not trouble you, knowing full well how busy you are, but I do not yet know you mind and heart as well as I would like to, and fear that an appropriate forgery could not be made by me in your stead. Perhaps next I see of you, you may indulge me in the baring of your soul, that I may not trouble you anymore with such petty correspondence.

In less titillating news, I have asked my advisers to seek council with your would-be suitor, Lord Evynwood, to see if a political engagement with him may be of benefit to us. So far they are having difficulty tracking him down. It appears he may be of less significance than perhaps he was letting on. I do not wish to accuse anyone of dishonesty, however, and will hold my words until I can look upon him face-to-face.

For the time being, it is to my satisfaction to keep you in my employ. I think there is a great deal of benefit that we could both have in each other’s company.

Should you be in need, you need only ask your dearest cousin.

With Love,
King Edward III, rightful ruler of England and France
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• 3/19/2017
[[While the Knights stay at the fort of Gylys Gray outside of St. Andrews, Scotland, this letter is delivered. It bears the royal seal, and is addressed to Ingrid on the exterior envelope.This letter is in response to one penned by Ingrid, in which she demanded answers for non-specified crimes against her, who is family.]]

My Dear Cousin,

Your words cut me deeper than any blade could. I can do no more than to ask deeply for your forgiveness. Bringing you anguish was never my intention. It may be that I acted too hastily, and too selfishly, having not yet rightly received your permission in words despite perhaps having felt it in my heart.

So overcome with emotion am I for yo that I have seen fit to stake my reputation as an honest Christian upon it. I fear that I may have to answer for my half-truths to the Lord, and it will all be for not if I have scorned you in the process.

I will not be so hasty with my lips in the future, I assure you. Please, return to England that I might make all this up to you.

With much Love,
King Edward III
• 3/22/2017
My Dearest Cousin,

I hope to return to England should the weather be fair and the company accepting. I fear most of our time together may be these letters scattered between fleeting memories. My memory must surely be fleeting if my life is forfeit and left to be seen no better than to rot in a dungeon or worst yet be left without a head. For that is now the hospitality left to us in your name.

If your emotions towards me are so overbearing is it of guilt from the result of you speaking empty truths to myself and my party?

I cannot come to you, my dearest love, for someone has barred the way. (she will pen that in german for him to translate)

With love,
Lady Ingrid
• 3/22/2017
My Dear Lady,

My mouth fills with bile and my heart fills with grief at the implications of your words! Surely you do not speak metaphorically, but of God's own truth? Have these things happened to you, in my name, on my land?

I am wracked with pain to hear that these have come to pass. You have to but tell me which vile liar has behaved in such villainous ways and I will present you with his head upon a silver platter. No one, least of all a man living on my land, who kisses my ring, shall treat my kin in such deplorable ways!

The guilt in my heart is only for acting so hastily in putting my lips to yours, as it was for this reason that I thought you had been pained. But your words to me, especially in your father's tongue, tells me that this is not the case.

No one shall bar the way of you coming to me. You have but tell me who interferes with our reunion and I will clear the way. Such is my might, and my passion for you.

While our communion may be only through the written word for now, my mind and body hopes that we may soon be united together in a physical sense soon.

With Love and Conviction,
King Edward III
• 3/22/2017
My Cousin Edward,

I do not know how far the deception and corruption lies. We were detained by a Lord Chalk after we approached and asked for hospitality. We were arrested on the spot. We were not let go, we managed to escape unharmed. He had a very convincing letter from you. Your script and seal identical. I looked at it myself. If it has been an entire falsehood someone has gone to great lengths to have us stopped under your name. We avoided all other English houses no longer knowing who we can trust. And my letters have been early guarded because of this. I do long to be in your presence to hear of your voice and have my heart set at ease.

Your Ingrid.
• 4/16/2017
[[While the Knights stay at Glin, this letter is delivered. It bears the royal seal, and is addressed to Ingrid on the exterior envelope.]]

My Dear Lady Ingrid,

I have taken action to ensure that you and your party may again move freely in my country. I know not yet who it was that was acting in my stead, but I intend to find out swiftly.

I have not yet been forward even with my advisers as to the nature of this betrayal. I want to keep them ignorant, so that the impostor, if he is among them, may continue to act brazenly and thus be discovered. However, my ruse was almost discovered when a boisterous widow by the name of Havercroft came into the hall, ranting of the dangers that came of your companion Broderik of the Camdens. I calmed and silenced her, at least for now.

I have been so worried for your well-being that I have neglected to mention that I have at last come into contact with your Lord Evynwood. He has made himself known to me now, and I understand how it is that he may have escaped my attention until now. He has reaffirmed his lineage and his fealty to me, and has sworn that his resources are mine. I have taken him as a guest in my home for now, that I may learn him better.

I must admit, Ingrid, that while I initially began reaching out to this Lord in the name of establishing a political marriage, I have lost interest in the endeavor. I have since taken to imagining you in various other positions in which you might be of exceptional value to me, and therefore to your country and God. I do not doubt that a woman of your breath-taking aptitude would excel if put up to the task.

I hope to enlighten you to the precise nature of my aims when next we meet. I hope that it is soon, for the castle seems to echo in your absence.

With the deepest love,
King Edward III
Guardian of the Order of the United Knights
• 4/16/2017
My King,

Thank you for your letter. It relieves me greatly that I will be able to travel to you without trouble. Once we are fully rested and healed we will be making our way to you from Glin, here in Ireland. I am probably nearly to you by the time this letter is in your hand.
I hope that either before we get there or while we've been reunited we may find out this imposter. Our work is grave indeed and requires ease of travel between vast distances. We can not be waylaid like that again. After all we will soon have winter weather with which to contend.
I have been wondering about this Lord Evynwood since I have not had any word from him in such time. I am glad to know he is at least in your company so we may learn of his role in all this.
I am very curious as to why you have removed him from the list of candidacy. I look forward to what your goals are for me. I do hope they still have my best interests at heart as well as yours. I won't be going to just anyone as you well know. My heart only has so much room in it after all.

With much love and best wishes,

Lady Ingrid of Anhalt
Knight of the Forests
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