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• 2/5/2017

Correspondence between King Edward III and Sir Broderik Camden

Sir Camedon,

It pleased me to have a letter in my possession bearing your family seal. I was glad that my master of game was able to get my message to you.

I can think of no reason why communication between a man and his king ought to be secretive, but these are strange times.

The blood of an Englishman is in your veins, and so I trust you as one of God’s Own People. The sights you beheld are strange to me still, but I know your innate mental fortitude is too strong for trickery.

Do what you must on your journey, but remember that all roads lead back to Windsor. Let the Irishman continue to think himself the leader, but keep me informed, and visit me often. I will do what I can to endear myself to the rest of your comrades. If the devil’s work is truly afoot, then England must be ready for it. And if we happen to be more ready than the people of other nations, then that would only be a sign from God that our victory is immanent.

Go forth in the man of your country, chivalry, and God.

Your King,
Edward III
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• 2/5/2017
My liege,
I am glad for your letter and for hearing from you so soon.

I am currently staying at the estate of lord Treburg here in ireland. a greedy and selfish lord who when hearing of our quest with your seal and decreed by god would lend us no ear until he was forcefully swayed by myself and companions. I will report or act in my own if he stays uncooperative. Though I will try and keep it civil as these are times of war and we have no need of fighting with ourselves. We are currently mining a peculiar ore that has been said to come from the heavens. you will be first to know what becomes of this and on the irish fortifications.

Mac Cumhail has continued to be a thorn in my side but has shown his true colours when we had gotten back to his castle. Nothing more then a drunk. I will allow him to take the lead on some doings but will otherwise make it clear that I am in charge.

Sir Broderik Camden, The Fire knight, Survivor of the battle of Sluys and Leader of the band decreed by god and the king.
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