Correspondence between Lord Raynald Evynwood and Ingrid of Anhalt

Lady Ingrid,

You must be so weary from traveling already. You have gone so far and I fear you must have little answers yet. Call upon me if you need my help or guidance. I am always at your behest.

It seems poor Martin has further to fly these days. This, and your safety, troubles me more than the news you bring. I fear that I may have left you ill-equipped to deal with what you are now being asked to do. It’s a large and strange world full of terrible and strange things.

Still, I have heard stranger tales than these from my mother, who heard them from her father when he was alive and well and still living in Wallachia. Have you heard the tale of the Mountains of Carpathia? Perhaps I can regale you with it on some occasion, when we have cause to celebrate and a glass of wine.

Forgive me for rambling. I do not seek to bore you with such idle things.

Let me know that you are well when you can. I am always delighted to see Martin again, both because he is a delightful creature, and because I am delighted by the success of my pupils.

Your Loyal Servant,
Lord Raynald Evynwood