Correspondence between Bilal ibn Talib al-Alim and Sa'id al-Wahid

My Son,

The news you bring troubles me greatly. If the knowledge of my astronomers rings true, then this sign is deeply foreboding indeed. If this star was carrying a message for our people, and it bore deamons upon it, then I worry greatly for our safety, for our way of life, for the message of our prophet.

You still believe in him, don’t you, my son? His grace is with you, whether you know it or not. I believe it in my heart that it is his wisdom that speaks through you still, that assists you even when you do not know it, who has seen you though this far.

I know it is more than I have any right to ask of you, but I must know all that you know, all that you can know, of what is to come. It may be that the end of days is nigh, and our fate may be sealed, whether at the hands of the Christians or at the hands of the forces of Hell.

My son, do not return home lest you need to. I need the peace of mind that some vestige of our way of life, of our faith, may still be out in the world, even if Almeria falls to the hands of the vile non-believers.

You have my love, as you have always had, even when you left us.

Your Loving Father,
Bilal ibn Talib al-Alim