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• 3/19/2017

Correspondence between Meadhbh and Patrick mac Cumhail

[[While the Knights stay at the fort of Gylys Gray outside of St. Andrews, Scotland, this letter is delivered. It bears the symbol of the harp, and is addressed to Patrick on the exterior envelope.]]

My Love,

You have traveled so far, and deep into lands I'd ever imagine you'd you. Not since we were first married when we were scarcely more than children have I been without you for so long. I miss you deeply. Do you think you'll be absent much longer? My home feels empty without you.

All these things feel so sudden. I never imagined that we would come to find a real living fairy in our life times. Such strange days! I pray that she is leading us not to ruin. I fear your trust may run too deep.

I had an unexpected visitor the day before last. A Lord Treburg fitz Edmund from Shanagolden, just South of the Shannon. He seemed rather upset at the goings on at the settlement of Glin. He insisted that you were occupying the location, as his workers who have been transplanted to the locale no longer recognize him as Lord.

He demanded that we pay him in their stead, but we pay homage to Englishman. I know not fully your relationship to these workers or why they now call you Lord, but I believe I have successfully stalled for time until your return, or until you give me further direction.

I miss you. The children miss you. I hope that this time away from family proves worth it in the end.

Eternally yours,
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• 4/9/2017
My Darling Meadhbh,

My absence has been long and trialing and I am filled with guiltthat I left you to tend to the land and to Lord Treburg. We are coming back to Ireland, heading to Glin and I thank you for taking the time to stall him as you saw fit. Upon my return to Glin, I will deal with the issue.

I miss you and the children: I am sorry for my long trips, but they have been well worth it as much as been discovered and will be beneficial to the future. There is much danger in our lands and I only wish to hold our sovereignty firm.

I am sorry for how I left last time: you know how the topic riles me. I will bring it up no more. I cannot stand it. I miss you and I shall return home a champion.

• 4/16/2017
My Dearest Patrick,

I have heard not word nor seen sight of Lord Treburg fitz Edmund or his wicked son. You must have done well to keep them at bay, or else they are otherwise occupied. What shall I do, Patrick? Should we begin rationing for war, seek out allegiances for additional fighting men? Or do you think we can yet hold peace?

You are a bold man, Patrick, but perhaps that is why I love you. It pains me to know that you are so close to home and yet cannot visit me. I would dream of your return, but I know your mission is important. For now, I will wait for the danger to pass that you might be in our home again.

I wish you good fortune my love. You will always be a champion to me.

With great love,
• 4/16/2017
My Darling Meadhbh,

I believe peace has been secured through some quick dealings with the Lord's son. I have made him a deal for some profit from the land to go to him and for the rest of the taxes to go to us. I believe it will hold, but if it shant, I have given word to a one of the men who stays behind, a man who stayed in our Stables once, for if war should come upon the city, for him to flee and bring word to you to rally the people.

Your love is with me each day I am out of our home and I am with sadness that I cannot return. I hope this is for the better, but I will return and make you proud my love, more than you can imagine.


(I'm going to go into the mines, find a gem, and send it in the letter as a package)
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