Correspondence between ??? and Sa'id al-Wahid

[[While the Knights stay at the fort of Gylys Gray outside of St. Andrews, Scotland, this letter is delivered. It bears no seal or identifying mark, but is addressed to 'Seheed' on the exterior envelope.]]

To the dearest stranger I know,

Our meeting was so very brief, and yet I find myself fixating on every moment of it. Your face and voice occupy my mind both when awake and when asleep. My work has notable suffered from my preoccupation, so much so that mother thinks me ill. It's very inconvenient and yet I do not so much mind.

Why should I dwell on you so much? Am I merely bored of my life as it is, and the exotic whirlwind of a man passing through it delighted me so? Is it that you spoke openly of my sister, who I miss so dearly? Was it your bravery in the face of my father, who is himself the bravest man I yet know?

These questions have plagued me. I've given to entertaining the thought that perhaps I am in love. It is a notion that thrills me though I try not to be too eager to jump to conclusions.

I have sent this letter in hopes that it may reach you. A bribed courier should be all that is necessary to see it brought where my father is, and I hope that means you are there also.

I know my father wishes not that we speak, and I do not want to leave you in a position that may compromise your integrity. If you do not feel that you can write to me and remain an honest man, than cast this letter aside and pretend that it did not reach you. I will do the same.

Your lady in hopeful waiting,
Caoilainn mac Cumhaill