0 Hour: Mystic Knights Wikia

Player characters can be male or female, and should be at least 15 years old and no older than 35 years, unless otherwise excepted.

Ability Scores[]

Roll four six sided dice, drop the lowest roll, and total the remaining three. Repeat this process seven times, recording the result each time. Drop the lowest total. Place the remaining six totals into the ability scores of your choosing.


All characters are human.

Class and Class Features[]

Characters will start at first level, and can be a member of any of the following classes:

With some modification (to remove spells, firearms, or conflicting flavour) any of these classes can be played:

If any class feature says that an ability cannot be used while wearing heavy armour, ignore it. If you're proficient with heavy armour, than you can use any class feature that you could regardless.


Each character gets two traits .