The only child of his name, Patrick mac Cumhaill hails from South-western Ireland. He has been a King of his lands for the past 25 years, as the past conflicts took his father, his uncle, and his cousins. Patrick survived through sheer force of will, constantly relying on sheer luck and chrisma. His connections to Scottish rebels of the English crown have saved him more than once: a mutually beneficial defence against the rising tide of the English. While an uneasy peace sits, Patrick bides his time and looks for allies, from this world and from legend, hoping to find some way to deal with the day chaos once again envelops his realm.

His wife, Meadhbh, often sits in the hall and deals with most of the administrative problems as Patrick travels the land looking for allies and answers.

His daughter, Eithne, the eldest, is currently missing, after she fled to the sea looking for adventure.

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