0 Hour: Mystic Knights Wikia

Broderik grew up quickly and lavishly in his families mansion on the water. It wasn't until he was 10 and start

ed riding and combat training that he had gotten his nails dirty. Preferring to stay with the guests in the lounge and discuss matters. But once started, it was a life changing experience. He enjoyed and had a knack for the combat training but it was the riding where he really excelled. Riding became an everyday thing for Broderik but as soon as he was able he started spending days out riding the land with his trusty steed, Sir Trots-a-lot. Camping here and there with the game he killed that day on the spit over the fire. He felt safe with it glowing in the dark. No matter how close the howls of the wolves got as long as the fire was roaring he was safe.

His mother, Charlotte, always worried when he left for his trips and when he started jousting. Forever worried that he would kill himself or worse. Come back scarred. She was horrified one day, after a particularly bloody joust with a knight from 2 towns over turned fierce, with it ending in both knights unarmored and unarmed rolling in the dirt, raining down blows on each other. When the King called a halt to it, only then did Broderik notice that he was bleeding from his 3 missing front teeth and now broken nose. Quickly did she go to the doctor and have him rig up some wired teeth. The beating she gave him for ruining her reputation was just as bad as the aforementioned fight. Charlotte Camden, born of the Redding family of France was exceptionally beautiful in her youth and kept it up as she was nearing middle age. She was skilled in sewing and wine making and prefers to make the Camden's formal clothes herself.

Broderik's Father, Weston, Always thought good of him for going out on his trips. "Always good to put a little healthy fear into a boy. Keeps em alive!" Before slapping someone's back and laughing boisterously. Weston is a large man in every sense of the word. Tall and Wide, A knight in his own day, Retired now but fairly decorated and respected in his own right. He taught Broderik & his brothers everything he knows. It didn't take long for them to surpass his own ability and require additional training as all the boys were exceptionally gifted in fighting as they had themselves to practice with. Another trainer was needed for Broderik though. A riding trainer. At the ripe age of 16 he had already taught Sir Trots every trick in the book, He could ride circles around them.

He started Jousting shortly after his 16th birthday and by the time Broderik was 19 he was already a fairly renown jouster unseating even the most seasoned knights.