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The mac Cumhaill Family is one of the oldest surviving Families in Ireland. It survived the early Norman invasions through political marriage and Alliance. It is known to be the oldest due to its connection to the folk legend (although the family would boast his existence) Fionn mac Cumhaill. Some families argue (especially the "pure" northern families of Ireland) that the mac Cumhaill's stole the name during the Norman invasion, but this is adamantly denied and fought over. Other Irish families have come to respect the family for their strong fights against the English, with the mac Cumhaill family coming to the forefront of several decisive victories.

While the family is seen as strong in military prowess, it is known that the eldest is currently missing and there is no male heir. This thought is often washed over due to the fact that war still brews and the precipice of disaster must be abated before land-rights are focused on.

While Irish kingdoms do not have coats of arms, the mac Cumhaill's have adopted a popular Irish banner for use during war time, a marker of not just peace, but also the strong heritage and culture that Ireland keeps alive. The mac Cumhaill's strongly believe in heritage and culture. 

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